"I'm sorry, I just got lost in your eyes."
Anonymous: "Do you think Matt would want to be traded.? I mean the whole dodger teams pretty much seems like a family."

I think Matt wants to stay a Dodger, but if that means he isn’t an everyday guy then a move might be the best.

Anonymous: "Are you a Matt fan or Dodgers fan? Meaning if Matt leaves you'll go along and root for him in any team, or you'll either stay with the Dodgers and forget Matt?"

We’re all Kemp fans, but azul3104 is a Dodger fan to the fullest. We’ll support Matt on any team he joins.

Anonymous: "What team(s) would you hope for Matt to go to?"

The issue with whatever team that is will be if they can afford Matt. I think we would want Matt to stay in LA in Dodger blue & play his entire career in LA.

Anonymous: "Is Matt getting traded?"

Matt’s name is being rumored & could be traded, but we won’t know until it happens.

Anonymous: "So Matt is open to a trade getting trading now just bc he's not playing center field anymore? Smh"

Matt believes he’s an everyday outfielder & earlier Matt said I’m not a fourth outfielder.”,and believes that he should be out there regularly. Him being open to a trade is basically saying all he wants to do is play.

Anonymous: "Your last post, which interview is that?"

It can be found in the link below.